Meet the Staff

Our courteous and knowledgeable staff is here to serve YOU...our customer. They have combined work experience in the water industry of 123 years.

 Tony Graf - General Manager
 (512) 856-2488 ext 223

         Rexanne Pilkenton - Executive Assistant to GM                                                                                                         Diane Turner – Human Resources Coordinator/ Finance                                                                       June Shirocky - Accounts Payable Clerk III                                                                                             Sue Johnston - Administrative Assistant                           

         Greg Teggeman – Comptroller
         Donna Hall – Accounts Receivable/C.S.R. Supervisor
                             Laura Cordova – C.S.R. III
                                Becky Schernik –  C.S.R.II
                                  Leslie Johnson –  C.S.R.I   
                                   Shelley Werchan –  C.S.R.I           
     Edgar Prinz Jr. – Director of Field Services    
     Erik Prinz – Director of Operators

                              Dennis Gibson – Maintenance & Inventory Specialist                                                                           Calvin Blackman – Plant Operator

    Marcus Stifflemire – Field Supervisor 
                     Tyson Kaminska - Water Operator                                                              
Ortiz -
Water Maintenance Technician
  Greg Bushn - Line Locator
Nikolas Briones - Water Technician 
Richard Johnson - Water Maintenance Technician Assistant                                                               

               Richard Brown – Field Supervisor
                             Matthew Clifford – Water Operator                                                                                                            Lee Ortiz - Water Maintenance Technician                                                                                                 John Hardin - Water Technician
                                          Riley Alderson - Water Technician

How to Apply for Employment:
Mail application and resume with cover letter to: 

Manville Water Supply Corporation
Search Committee
P. O. Box 248
Coupland, Texas 78615




MWSC is an equal opportunity provider and employer.