Annual Meeting

2020 Annual Meeting Notice

April 28, 2020 @ 8:00AM

To the Members of Manville Water Supply Corporation:


    The time has come for the Annual Meeting of the Membership of Manville Water Supply.   This year we face unusual challenges that have necessitated some changes from what we have done in the past, due to the Corona Virus pandemic.  The US Center for Disease Control and government at all levels, federal, state and local, have advised against gatherings of large numbers of people, and Manville takes these directives very seriously.  Many of our members are senior citizens who might be especially vulnerable to the virus.  The obvious solution is to cancel or postpone the annual meeting, but state law requires that all water supply corporations hold an annual meeting before May 1 of each year.

    After careful consideration, your Board has determined that the best course of action is to downsize the meeting, minimize its duration, and cover some usual materials online.  First, the meeting will be held at the Manville offices, 13805 S SH 95 Coupland, at 8:00am.  No engineering or financial reports will be presented, although that material will be made available online.  The biggest change of all is that NO FOOD WILL BE SERVED AT THE MEETING.  It is our plan to limit the meeting to the legally required subject matter, mainly reading the resolution canceling director's elections in unopposed slots.  We hope to be in and out in under ten minutes. 

Past meetings have given us all the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and visit with other members.  We will miss the social component of the meeting, but the health of our membership is most important in these unusual times.  We appreciate your understanding and hope to be back to "normal" for the next meeting.  In the meantime, please remember that the Manville staff is available to answer individual questions and concerns 512-856-2488 ext 227 or 240.

Annual Meeting Agenda April 28, 2020