Board of Directors

Jack Atterstrom, President, Zone 7

George Tolleson, Vice President, Zone 4

Larry Hodde, Secretary, Zone 6

Robert Bridges, Treasurer, Zone 3
Zone 2 - Vacant 
Joe Coffey, Zone 5
Steve Mares, Zone 8
Marcus Gary, Zone 9
Tracy Spellings, Zone 1 
Serving on the Board of Directors requires an investment of time and commitment. Manville Water Supply Corporation has grown into what it is today with the help of many board members who have served in the past and we wish to recognize those members as follows:

Atlan Pfluger
Aubrey Cox
Carl Samuelson
Carl Viogt
Charles Lockwood
Charles Schnabel
C.W. Pfluger, Jr
David Reichek.
David Samuelson
Diane Moellenberg
Donald R Cannon, Sr
Donnie Urbanovsky

Ed Lorentzen
Edgar Prinz
Edward Gonzenbach
Erwin Pfluger
E.T. Barker III
Fred Maass
George Jett
Glen Murchinson
H. Leonard Dearing
Harold Sandifer
Harry Lee Hamann
Jack Murchinson
Jack Sutton
James E. Hamann
James Whiteley
Jerry Doyle
Jimmy Davis Mott
Jimmy Don Havins
Joan Kunkel 
Joe Coffey
Jon Fischer
Larry Mellenbruch
Larry Mills
Max F. Kuempel
Aker, Jr.
Morris Boutwell
Mrs George L. Burnett
Nathan Weiss
Raymond Pokorney
Raymond Prinz
Robert Avant
Robert Fuchs
Robert Rhoades
Robin Gary
Rock Moye
Ruben Krieg
Sandy Duncan
Stan Voelker
Steve Cornell
Terry Greene
Terry Kennemer
Theo Timmerman
Thomas Doyle
Todd Summy
Vernagene Mott
W.A. Thompson
Wayne Aldrige
William Pearson
William Reeves
William Schwarz
William Scott Dolan

Willie Mae Burns


MWSC is an equal opportunity provider and employer.