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Water Conservation

Failing to conserve water can eventually lead to a lack of an adequate water supply, which can have drastic consequences.

Please do your part to conserve.


  • Fix Your Leaks. Don’t just let your water drip constantly! By letting your leaks go unchecked, you’re wasting water – and racking up a high utility bill in the process. Call a plumber or fix your leaks as soon as they occur.
  • Take Shorter Showers. Reducing your amount of time in the shower is a great way to conserve water. Even by shaving a minute or two of time in the shower, you can save valuable water.
  • Turn Off the Tap. If you’re washing your face or hands or brushing your teeth, why not turn off the tap?
  • Re-use Water. Get creative with it! Put a bucket in the shower to collect water, use rain barrels to collect rainwater (for watering your plants, or for any other use!), or even re-use your pasta water.
  • Stop Watering Your Lawn. Having a well-manicured, chemically modified lawn is so passé! And not to mention, NOT eco-conscious.